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Systancia Identities and Authorizations (IGA)

Systancia Identity - Powerful management of your entire ecosystem's identities and authorizations for all your applications, on premise or cloud
Systancia Identity, formerly Avencis Hpliance, is an identity governance and administration solution. It allows to manage identities, their membership organizations, their authorizations, and possibly their resources (endowments). Its Workflow module allows the management of many different use cases: flow of people, processes, authorization/resources request... it is provided with an agile synchronization engine that easily integrates into your upstream and downstream repositories. It also provides features such as permission certification and separation of privileged duties (SoD), while allowing traceability and visibility of actions performed via its audit and reporting module. Data protection and leakage prevention Due to the growing amount of data within companies and organizations, and the fact that these data are sometimes sensitive, it is essential to protect them against any potentially devastating risk of leakage, as we are reminded daily by the press. Regulatory compliance, GDPR and ANSSI recommendations Compliance with multiple regulations is sometimes perceived as a constraint, but it is nevertheless necessary to ensure an effective IS security. Organizational agility and improvement of employee movement process Employee movements (turnover, internal rotation, outsourcing and mergers-acquisitions) require that the IT department benefits from real agility in order to facilitate these movements and increase the level of IS security. Agility of the IT department and autonomy of professions Simplify and automate the management of identities and entitlements for greater business autonomy Choose innovation with Systancia Identity
  • Identity lifecycle management with data reconciliation
  • Permissions and authorizations management based on the organizational structure (OrBAC)
  • Automatic provisioning allowing the consolidation of upstream and downstream repositories
  • Re-certification campaigns management and separation of duties (SoD)
  • Workflow allowing to organize tasks in order to simplify and automate the identity management
  • Audits and reports to guarantee regulatory compliance
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