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GBS a Bulpros Company iQ.Suite DLP

Protect business and internal emails from data theft. Email security doesn't just mean thinking of virus and spam protection for incoming emails anymore. A well thought-out security concept prevents data leakage from outgoing emails as well. Sensitive information, such as confidential customer data, is a valuable commodity for companies and must be treated accordingly. An ideal solution identifies sensitive information, prevents data theft and puts an end to data leakage. iQ.Suite DLP is exactly this solution. Features: Analyse iQ.Suite DLP makes real-time analysis of outbound email communication for company-wide or specific departments a cinch. In conjunction with iQ.Suite Wall and iQ.Suite Watchdog, emails are examined in detail prior to transmission. For example, suspicious data such as customer numbers or credit card data, in email text or attachments, are reliably detected. Advanced fingerprint technology also makes it possible to distinctly identify file attachments, such as Office formats. But iQ.Suite DLP doesn’t stop there. Data protection is taken to the next level: Innovative detection strategies reveal anomalies in email flow. Information regarding the number and/or size of emails sent during a defined time period are collected and compared to the user’s regular behaviour. The end result is that sudden changes in email volume or data volume become apparent, which could indicate the transmission of confidential data. Evaluate A web-based dashboard visualises the data collected, making outgoing email communication more transparent than ever before. Important information regarding email volume, the number, size and category of attachments and the number of recipients per email is clearly displayed on the dashboard. This information can also be exported for reporting purposes. The integrated rights and roles concept ensures that only authorised users can see the information relevant to their specific responsibilities. Previously collected data is deleted according to a pre-defined time frame, respecting current data protection guidelines. Block Flexible rules and thresholds enable you to define how emails containing confidential contents are to be handled. Email transmission can be stopped and the email placed in quarantine until further examination. Additionally, the sender or a third party can be informed. And finally, a pre-determined person can perform a four-eye check, ultimately deciding if the email is to be released or blocked. These actions can be combined and adapted to meet company guidelines. Benefits:
  • Identification of sensitive information in emails and attachments
  • Detection of anomalies in email transmission
  • 4 eyes principle review and release of stopped emails
  • Easy export of data for reporting purposes
  • Web-based dashboard for visualisation of important figures
  • Compliance with current data protection guidelines
  • Stop transmission of suspicious emails
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