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Delphix Data Virtualization

Streamline data delivery Creating physical copies is highly manual, usually involves multiple administrators, and may take days or weeks. Virtual data is efficient, automatic, and can be provisioned and refreshed in minutes. Eliminate multiple, redundant copies of data Application projects generate concurrent demands for data — up to 90% of which is the same data. The Delphix Virtualization Engine stores a single, compressed copy of production data and creates virtual copies that represent the full production source, but occupy a fraction of the space of physical copies. Cut storage costs and prevent data loss The Delphix Virtualization Engine captures all incremental changes at the transaction level, essentially creating a time machine for your data. By intelligently storing only unique changes, Delphix dramatically reduces the intake of data. Administrators can retain a large amount of data in a small amount of space and quickly provision data as of any point in time. Delphix also keeps track of all changes made to virtual copies, giving end users the ability to version their data like code. Empower end users with self-service Unlike legacy solutions, the Delphix Virtualization Engine equips your teams with innovative, self-service control features — like the ability to quickly bookmark, reset, synchronize, and branch virtual datasets — all managed through a single, easy-to-use interface. Delphix also has a fully-exposed web REST API, enabling ready integration with existing DevOps tools and workflows.
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