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Osirium Privileged Access Management

Common Challenges Facing IT and Security Teams

Third-parties are a major risk Every organisation depends on working with partners and suppliers. For effective collaboration, they often need access to devices and services but, do you have full control and visibility of what they’re doing? ‍ Like preventing them from sharing privileged credentials with others? Ensuring they have access just to the accounts they need – and no more? Deleting credentials when they leave? And if outsourcing IT, controlling what happens when your outsourcers outsource? ‍ All of these mean a mounting potential for major security breaches. Admin accounts are impossible to manage effectively You may have hundreds or thousands of devices and administrator accounts with tens or hundreds of people that need access. Maintaining visibility and control rapidly becomes a real challenge. And it leads to bad security practices. Passwords written on post-it notes. Unapproved password sharing. Predictable passwords that are easy to hack. No audit trails of account access and activity. A security breach waiting to happen. Too many people with too much access to too many admin accounts You wouldn’t think it safe to give a trainee pilot the controls of a jetliner. So why do so many organisations have inexperienced admins or junior help desk staff accessing complex, business-critical privileged accounts? Maybe there aren’t enough specialist skills in place. But giving access to staff who may be under-skilled, over-privileged and under-resourced leaves you wide open to both malicious attacks and inadvertent errors

The Osirium PAM Solution

Separate people from passwords If credential theft is at the centre of so many security breaches, then don’t expose credentials. With Osirium PAM, we use the model of mapping identities of people to roles on the systems and devices that need to be administered. Identity in, role out, with access granted to just the accounts they’re authorised for, and no credentials revealed. Rich audit and session management Who, what, when, where. Osirium PAM delivers comprehensive audit trails and session recording, allowing for training and incident investigation as well as demonstrating rigorous compliance. Automate privileged tasks Privileged Access is not just about protecting login credentials. With Osirium, it's also about automating tasks that normally need an administrator. By automating both routine tasks (‘Start server’, Stop server’, Refresh password’) and complex IT processes, Osirium cuts back manual effort, cost and risk, frees up valuable resources, and reduces the overall attack surface. PAM Business benefits Reduce risk
  • Keep administrator credentials off the network
  • Prevent credential sharing
  • Protect valuable shared devices, services and data
Reduce overheads
  • Automate privileged operations
  • Reduce effort in managing accounts
  • Ensure the right people have the right access at the right time
Enforce governance
  • Audit every administrator session
  • Record sessions for investigation or audit
  • Prevent uncontrolled access to shared assets
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