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This Collaborative Learning platform relies on peer learning where anyone can elevate and respond to requests for knowledge, closing skills gaps faster. With it’s iterative training framework, minimum viable courses are shipped quickly and improved constantly by peers who identify out-of-date content or suggest additions.

Feedback & data from interactions within the course are also pushed to coaches on the platform, who facilitate peer learning by ensuring that courses are easily accessible, actionable & impactful. From onboarding new employees to training sales reps on a new product pitch, 360Learning aligns employee aspirations with organization expectations.

Overview of 360Learning benefits

360Learning Collaborative Learning platform reduces the feedback loop between expert & employee with lightweight reactions and qualitative forums for asking experts questions while allowing L&D to identify where courses are working and where they need work.

L&D leaders spend less time monitoring course completion (360Learning courses have a 90%+ completion rate) and more time demonstrating business impact.

With build-in Salesforce integration, L&D teams connect the dots between training & time-to-first deal, while our analytics dashboard tracks employee progress - giving them a nudge when they’re falling behind!

With HCM & TMS integrations, 360Learning enables you to evolve on top of our robust platform as an orchestrator of continuous learning throughout the organization.
Thanks to the dedicated sales enablement features, sales trainers using 360Learning to train their new reps also see great results:

  • 15% increase in quota attainment
  • 30% decrease in ramp up time
  • From $500k to $3m in yearly onboarding savings

Level up your sales team with 360Learning's Collaborative Learning Platform. Fast track new hires. Reps hone their script 10x faster with our digital role-play tool. Leverage your team's best examples. Continuously upskill your reps. Co-create impactful courses in just a few hours. Make them available at the point of need through our Salesforce connector and mobile app. Skyrocket sales performance: Demonstrate the impact of training on quota attainment through CRM integration.

360Learning is a learning engagement and training platform that provides learners and trainers with a commonplace to create a learning culture. It allows users to setup digital learning culture in less time and enables them to create online courses in just a few clicks. The platform uses social interaction, gamification and mobile friendly features to get learners engaged and involved in online courses. For trainers, it works more like a marketing and management platform and offers course optimizations, A/B testing and real-time tracking. The platform is being used by some key industry players that all aim to create a global digital learning culture within the organization. It allows trainers and experts to achieve more in less time and helps them become digital experts without having to go through lengthy technology lessons.

  • For Trainers and Experts

The platform is compatible with all web and media formats and allows organizations to reuse their existing resources. This allows businesses to leverage their existing best online content and helps them discover innovative formats that make it easier to produce new interactive content. The platform allows creating different kinds of evaluations, including open-ended and closed-ended questions. Trainers can also develop brainstorming sessions, business goals, collaborative activities, exams and more. Trainers and experts can be reviewed by the community, while the platform highlights such reviews to encourage participation. The platform uses a gamified ranking system, which makes it easier to identify top performers for each skill. Advanced tools promote continuous improvement by generating actionable suggestions for course improvement.

  • For Learners

360Learning involves learners in online courses on a day-to-day basis and helps increase engagement rates using gamification methods, which are inspired by popular web practices. Groups can be created based on different variables such as by class, by arrival date or by theme, while detailed analysis on these groups or communities can also be performed. The platform puts human interaction at the center of the training strategy by allowing effectively collaborating and innovating during the courses. All the features the platform has to offer are mobile friendly, which allows learners to access important stuff right from their mobile devices, and from anywhere.

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