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"Unusual startup with more than 20 years of history". Initially, the direction of "telecommunications" was founded in 1993 as part of LUKOIL-INFORM company. Its objective was to provide reliable, quality LUKOIL telephone connection, whose units are located in different regions of the country. The direction has been actively developed. But we started having more and more complex tasks to deal with:
  • creation of automated communications system

  • introduction of an automated highway network for satellite communications C-band in trial operation of the first stations on the basis of certified satellite "GLOBAL MACS" communications stations, installation of ground satellite stations

  • construction of regional communication systems, building communication and data transmission

  • creation of technical basis for providing high-quality Internet access to all offices and subsidiaries of LUKOIL, including those regions where Internet access is impossible by other ways

  • creation of direct data links for local area networks in the directions from Moscow to the centers of oil production and refining enterprises of the LUKOIL

  • implementation of complex Internet projects, using innovative solutions in the field of Internet marketing, programming, web-design and information support

  • the first Russian and CIS satellite communications "LUCNET" Ku-band network, using the most modern satellite technology LinkStar and LinkWay. The network provides a full range of advanced communication services and telematic services, including Internet access and videoconferencing

The DPC (Data processing centre) direction was formed later in 2006, also as part of the company LUKOIL-INFORM, and solved the following tasks:
  • design, construction and operation of corporate Data Centers for the LUKOIL Group

  • development of DPC networks in the regions of Russia

  • organization of three-site redundant architecture of Data Centers of the enterprise

  • providing modern cloud-based data center services to the LUKOIL Group

In 2013, we became a separate independent company RCNTEC during the organization of outsourcing infrastructure management for data centers and corporate networks of data transmission of the LUKOIL Group, as well as the use of experience to create products and services in the external market. RCNTEC has expanded the horizons of interest, because there is the possibility and goal of improving the world, not only within one group of companies, but for the rest of the dynamic market. It is believed that the best things that are created and implemented in the world, are done primarily for yourself. So is in our case, using such solutions for significant speed up and improving the efficiency of our own activities, as “portal-global office”, SOCOCO virtual office, monitoring system, allowing you to concentrate on what really needs attention, infinitely scalable storage system for your cloud (and other solutions, about which you can read in the section TOP-10), we are pleased to offer such solutions to our clients, helping them to effectively solve a great variety of tasks.