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Event Management Tools

Event Management Tools

Event management software is the generic term for a wide range of software products that are used in the management of professional and academic conferences, trade exhibitions, conventions and smaller events such as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) meetings.

In brief, event management software programs are solutions that assists event organizers in driving success through all aspects of their events—from event registration and event check-in, to event promotion and reporting.

Some providers claim to offer event organizer software when in actuality they are really offering a software that solves one particular pain point, like event check in software. These platforms have their uses, but are limited in breadth of functionality. Best event management system is all-in-one event management software, which serves as a one-stop shop for all of an event organizer’s needs. This type of software is sometimes called “event success software” or an “events cloud.”

Events are becoming more prevalent than ever and event management software is what is allowing them to do so. Today’s event management platform:

  • Fulfills a wide range of functions such as event registration, event marketing and reporting.
  • Drives event success for a variety of B2B and B2C events.
  • Helps event organizers save time, save money, increase security and reduce event headaches thanks to a structure that is seamlessly integrated from end-to-end.
  • Should be reliable easy-to-use, come with a dedicated customer success team and should measurably impact your event goals.
  • And should be sold as a complete product, not a series of add-ons.

The most common event management applications are event schedule planning; customized event website creation; online event registration platforms; ticketing and delegate management including online payment; event budgeting; lead retrieval; event venue booking software; procurement, sourcing, and RFPs event marketing; event networking for attendee engagement; content management including abstract and/or paper management, reviewing, program development and publishing; exhibition management including floor planning, booking and billing; on-site operations including registration, badges, and networking; audience response solutions, live slide sharing and second-screen tools as live polls, Q+A, etc.



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F.A.Q. about Event Management Tools

Why Use Event Management Software?

What are the benefits of an event management software? These solutions can streamline or automate the back office processes in running an event. From pre-event, event and to post-event, these solutions provide efficiency, accuracy and cost savings. Here are the main benefits:

  • Consolidate different teams

Events software systems provide a single platform that coordinates the tasks and activities, not just of the event team, but of your various teams, including sales & marketing, logistics, accounting and travel management. It makes it easy to associate the different but connected items across your organization. A change in one item, for example, can trigger alerts on related items ensuring everyone has the latest information. A shift in venue, increase in attendance, change in menu, etc. are cases that require quick coordination among teams.

  • Lower overheads

With across and top-down visibility on your event operations, it is easy to control expenses and keep to budget caps leading to savings and higher returns. Likewise, event management services are good at automating certain event management processes, thereby, you cut down on time spent in completing tasks. This can translate to reduced staff time. Moreover, a small team can perform multiple tasks with the aid of a good event solution. Tools like coding-free event web builder, self-service online registration, autoresponders and data management perform some of the most time-consuming back office processes in organizing events, freeing you from soliciting additional contractors.

  • Smooth workflows in the entire event lifecycle

Some event software programs solutions help you from planning to promotion to on-site operation and to post-event evaluation. They feature tools for event management, event marketing and post-analytics reporting and survey mechanism. Many of these tools ease out off your shoulder the traditional burden of building your database. Online registration, for example, allows participants enter their details instead of you. The database can be sorted differently, too, for targeted email marketing.

  • More focused event marketing

Critical to the success of your event is a long-term promotion. Months (or even years) before the event, the solution, depending on its sophistication, can help you aggregate social media mentions, online communities, mailing lists, media and blog placements, etc. so you can start engaging potential participants. Some event management packages provide communication channels to get prospects’ feedback or questions or build a mailing list for staggered and targeted email marketing stages leading to the event date.

  • Efficient data management

With a single database event management software solutions can collate online registration details, sort them for various email marketing campaigns and run real-time and post-event analytics for insights. A centralized database also means various users are accessing the same latest data, eliminating misinformation. Different parties are quickly notified of changes in the database like number of participant, venue, programme, etc. Documents and reports are likewise updated and consistent throughout the organization.