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OVERVIEW Crediton Dairy, based in the heart of Devon in southern England, is a food and beverage company that produces a variety of milk drinks. The company is best known for its “Moo Milk” and “Dairy Pride” brands and has products in 13,500 food retail stores nationwide, making it one of the UK’s leading dairy beverage companies. Its chairman, Neil Kennedy, was presented with the prestigious SW Dairy Industry Award for his outstanding contribution towards the development of the British dairy market. In 2012, dairy companies Arla Foods UK and Milk Link were given approval to merge by the European Commission (EC). A condition for the approval of the merger was that Crediton Dairy operate as a separate business. Benjamin Evans, formerly with Milk Link, became IT Manager for Crediton Dairy. CHALLENGE Evans’ initial task was to implement a web security solution that addressed both security and business challenges Crediton Dairy had been struggling with at the time. Its network had seen continuous attacks from external threats masking as an insider in order to in ltrate and steal sensitive data. These threats would often be in the form of sophisticated ransomware and other advanced threats, with delivery methods that shifted between web and email channels in search of a weakness. Suspicious URLs sent to employees from Director-level positions and phony invitations to download a PDF instructing users to “please pay invoice” are just a few examples Evans saw rsthand within a few weeks of joining the company. Some attacks were being successfully filtered by the Office 365 Outlook client, but only to the extent of being redirected into a “junk” folder. Nothing was in place to effectively identify or classify information. Crediton Dairy also lacked a solution that delivered real- time security ratings to web or email traffic. After determining the security included in Office 365 was not up to the task, the challenge was to build a security posture from the ground-up— starting with web—that wouldn’t break the budget. With only a small team to work with, Evans began searching for cloud-based security solutions. On-premises appliances were out of the question —he simply didn’t have the resources to install and manage additional hardware. SOLUTION Crediton Dairy assessed multiple web security providers, including Barracuda Networks. But according to Evans, Barracuda Networks couldn’t meet their strict functionality or budgetary requirements. “There were a few let downs on the way the Barracuda URL filtering worked. It just didn’t feel like home.” — Evans As a former Milk Link employee, Evans was familiar with the virtualized classification capabilities and hassle-free maintenance of the Forcepoint Web Security Cloud solution; it was the company’s primary solution for web security. Following Evans’ recommendation, Forcepoint Web Security Cloud went through a Proof of Concept (POC) at Crediton Dairy. It exceeded all expectations. Evans noted that other cloud versions on the market were too “light” in functionality, compared to the high level of protection with Forcepoint. “The Forcepoint solution offered more options around the Cloud. Rather than just black-listing or white-listing URLs and email addresses, Forcepoint ticked all of our boxes for functionality.” — Evans Deployment was straightforward and simple and the Forcepoint support team was there for Evans whenever needed. “The Forcepoint support team was very good. When we were originally getting set up, my account manager and the support team took control, had a look where any issues might be, configured the solution, and got it up and running while taking me through some of the new features.” — Evans Crediton Dairy’s IT department has always embraced innovation and new technologies. It was one of the first to adopt Office 365 when it became available in the UK. However, because Office 365 comes with only basic security features, it doesn’t properly secure the average working email environment. This was, unfortunately, the case for Crediton Dairy. “We were starting to see a bit more spam coming through Office 365, compared to where it was when it first came out. We started to look at the email side of Forcepoint, for sure.” — Evans Evans and Crediton Dairy chose to implement Forcepoint Email Security Cloud as well as Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection for Email, incorporating cloud-hosted protection that surpasses the capability of on-premises sandboxes. Evans admits, it was a “no- brainer” for his organization. “Forcepoint Email Security Cloud has stopped anything suspicious from coming in and I can visibly see what is being stopped and what we’re being protected from. We’re protected and it’s one of those insurance policies that every company needs.” — Evans The Crediton Dairy team took advantage of an easy cloud deployment by simply adding the Forcepoint Email Security Cloud to an already deployed Forcepoint Web Security Cloud for coordinated defenses against advanced threats. The deployment of Forcepoint Email Security Cloud was accomplished overnight. Evans and his team began the process on a Friday evening and nished Saturday. RESULTS Forcepoint Web Security Cloud solutions met all of Crediton Dairy’s functionality and quality requirements without them having to purchase additional hardware. Staying within budget has freed up resources for other projects. At the same time, Forcepoint Email Security Cloud solution has empowered Crediton Dairy to safely embrace new technologies such as Office 365 and enjoy all of its ef ciencies and cost savings. Evans recalls how well Forcepoint Cloud solutions integrate well with Active Directory and enhance and complement the Office 365 solution already in place. “Forcepoint is able to work seamlessly with Office 365. We don’t see any problems at all when we run the two together.” — Evans An easy deployment of Forcepoint Web Security Cloud and Forcepoint Email Security Cloud solutions have paved the way for Crediton Dairy to continue to evolve and innovate with safety and con dence. Crediton Dairy has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2015.



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