More than 2000 Employees


Kyivstar – mobile operator No.1 and one of the best brands of Ukraine The company's history started back in 1994, and on December 9, 1997, the first call in Kyivstar mobile network was made. Today Kyivstar is the largest Ukrainian telecommunication operator providing communications and data services based on a broad range of mobile and fixed-line technologies, including 3G. Company's customer base amounts to over 24 million in mobile and over 1.1 million in broadband Internet. Kyivstar is a part of VimpelCom Ltd., one of the world's largest integrated telecommunications companies, headquartered in Netherlands. The holding company owns telecom assets in the CIS countries, Europe, Asia, and Africa, and its shares are freely traded on the stock exchange (NASDAQ). Jean-Yves Charlier is CEO of VimpelCom Ltd. Kyivstar is one of few companies in VimpelCom Ltd. that provides services under its own, exclusively Ukrainian brand. Every year international control of Kyivstar network parameters is held. According to its results, the company demonstrates better quality and productivity than on the average in the region and in the world. Kyivstar has achieved big success thanks to investment into development of its own fiber-optic network which is an important link in the traffic exchange between Europe and Asia, and it is a reliable partner of Ukrainians in the connection with the other countries of the world. The company provides roaming services in 195 countries on 5 continents. For more than 25 years of operation on the territory of Ukraine Kyivstar has been developing the technical infrastructure of telecom-market and has been faithfully performing its obligations to the country and the society. For many years the company has been the largest taxpayer to the state budget of Ukraine among the companies in the sector of transport and communications, as well as one of the best employers and most socially responsible business entities. Kyivstar was the first company to provide the best telecommunications services of European markets for Ukrainian subscribers. For instance, in 1998 the company was the first to suggest SMS service to subscribers, and in 2000 – was the first to start providing access to Internet by WAP. After that Kyivstar was the first to massively introduce packet tariff plans with no charge for minutes and to cancel megabyte billing of Internet in the most of the tariff plans. The company was the first among telecommunications operators of Ukraine to fully upgrade switched network to prepare for high-speed mobile data transmission technologies. In Kyivstar's network, MSC Server Blade Cluster, unique equipment for Ukraine, is installed. It is new-generation switchers that support technologies from 2.5G to LTE. In 2012 the process of base stations' equipment replacement for a full transition to IP architecture was started. Kyivstar's team amounts to around 4,000 professionals working all over Ukraine. A system of continuing education and professional development, encouragement and protection of employees has been created in the company:
  • Every year more than 50% of employees upgrade their skills at various courses and trainings organized by the company;
  • 40% of employees use flexible work schedule; when needed, any employee can work remotely through "Virtual Office" system.
The company's care about employees' health is an essential part of the social package. Kyivstar's workers can get medical service in more than 1,000 clinics, health institutions and pharmacies in 99 Ukrainian cities. Information on the ownership structure of PJSC “Kyivstar” The sole shareholder of PJSC “Kyivstar” is the international telecom group of companies VEON, the headquarters of which is located in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. VEON shares are traded on the stock exchanges of the USA and the European Union, and among the owners of the shares there are thousands of people, including large investment funds of the USA, Great Britain, Italy, such as Exor NV, Shah Capital, Prosperity Capital, Kopernik Global Investors, etc. No shareholder has a majority stake and does not have a decisive influence on the activities of the VEON group and, accordingly, on the activities of Kyivstar. In February 2022, the VEON Group excluded persons who have been subject to EU sanctions from the Board of Directors, their financial assets are frozen, and they themselves do not take any part in or have any influence on the management of the VEON Group. The group also decided to withdraw from the russian market and on May 30, 2023, reported on the completion of all legal formalities and procedures related to this initiative. PJSC “Kyivstar” is managed by the President (a citizen of Ukraine) and the Supervisory Board of Kyivstar PJSC, which includes citizens of Ukraine, the United States, the European Union and Turkey. Each of these citizens is a person with an exceptionally high reputation in the business environment with long experience of managerial work on the international market.