Karel DS200 Series

Problems that solves

Poor communication and coordination among staff


Enhance Staff Productivity

Karel DS200 Series

DS200 Series with CPUIV is a new generation IP Based solution that converges advanced IP skills with the reliability of TDM voice processing for SMB and CME.


New generation DS200 series IP communication systems provide analog, digital, ISDN and IP compatible solutions that allow simultaneous communication of audio, video, data and voice for rapid, quality and multi-purpose communication to the large scale businesses with advanced communication needs. 

  • DS200M:144 TDM ports, 750 IP extensions, 100 IP lines
  • DS200S:224 TDM ports, 750 IP extensions, 100 IP lines
  • DS200:1344 TDM ports, 750 IP extensions, 100 IP lines
  • DS200 L:32000 TDM ports, 5000 IP extensions, 1000 IP lines
Key Features
  • Remote systems can be operated as a single system with the IP bridge established between the different departments of the business
  • IP communication performed over the IP bridge provides reasonable savings in communication costs
  • Supports major IP communication features in analog, digital, ISDN and IP platforms

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 Scheme of work

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