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24translate Translation memory systems

What is a translation memory system? The use of translation memory systems (or TMS) is an essential guarantor of quality in modern translation. In 'translation memories', a customer's existing translations are stored in the form of text segments that can be automatically retrieved by a translator working on a new translation. As such, there is no need to re-translate previously translated text segments, phrases and terms, an advantage that improves both the consistency of the translations and the translator's efficiency, while also reducing translation costs. In order to make the best possible use of these capabilities 24translate, working alongside 24technology, developed a TMS with a unique range of functions: 24|tcm. How do translation memory systems support our translators with their work? Like glossaries, translation memory systems are effective aides in the translation process. The decision as to how to translate a given sentence fragment, however, is still up to the translator. Our software does not replace the translator but rather supports them by providing access to intelligent memory and search functions. As such, our system continues to rely on quality work by specialist translators: Only when it is 'fed' with intelligent translations can it provide intelligent suggestions for translation. In practice, the individual translation segments are stored as a language pair consisting of source and target text, which is then automatically suggested in future translation projects bearing identical or similar text passages. All translators working for a specific company rely on the same translation memory (database). On the one hand, this significantly lowers translators' manual research efforts, while on the other it prevents deviation from specific terminology or phrases in subsequent translations and/or the work of additional translators. 24|tcm in use 24translate maintains a company-specific translation memory (abbreviated TM) for each of its clients. In order to provide customers with the full benefit of already existing translations, we will gladly maintain and store these at the beginning of our collaboration. Each new translation provided by us is then automatically stored in your translation memory. Clients may also access their translation memories and view existing translations at any time via various interfaces and tools (e.g. our customer portal). The advantages of a translation memory system
  • Eliminates double translations, leading to greater efficiency: Translators focus on 'new', previously untranslated text segments.
  • Saves the customer time and money: Translations can be delivered more quickly and at significantly lower rates.
  • Quality assurance: Consistency with regard to content and terminology is maintained at all times.
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