We’ve been a cloud company since ‘the cloud’ began. Our cloud services and solutions have liberated businesses of all kinds; removing the restrictions of on-premise IT, so we can provide the best communication tools and services; affordably and maintenance-free. Our expertise We go back a long way. Since 1996, our experience has grown and we’ve innovated new solutions to help our customers realise their ambitions. While the power of cloud continues to evolve, so do we. But the touchstones of our service remain: Discovery During discovery we learn about your organisation and identify what the best solutions are to suit your needs. Scalability We help businesses of all sizes. As you grow, we can make sure your IT grows with you. World-Class Infrastructure Platforms are hosted in Tier 3+ UK data centres; they’re ISO 27001 certified and have 24/7 physical security. Self Care We empower you with easy-to-use tools for straight forward user administration and configuration.