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Web filtering - Appliance

Web filtering - Appliance

A web filter appliance is a device that allows the user to filter all online content for censorship purposes, such that any links, downloads, and email containing offensive materials or pornography is outright blocked or removed. Web filtering appliance can also help you prevent malware infection because, more often than not, malware is usually hidden within links that promise porn or controversial content. Moreover, because the number of online hazards is un stopped increasing every day, it's always prudent to get a web filter appliance that can adapt to the changing times and the ever-evolving hazards posed by the Internet.

At any rate, content filtering appliance has a distinct advantage over their software counterparts in terms of stable restriction features, unrestricted monitoring, no platform-based limitations, easy upgrades and improvements, and so on. That's because the best web filters are fully integrated software and hardware systems that optimize their hybrid attributes when it comes to content filtering by gaining full, unmitigated control over online usage through well-defined policies as mandated by the owner of the network or the IT security administrator.

Getting a web content filtering appliance that has a list of premium-grade and detailed content analysis with predefined categories (which includes keywords for pornography, game downloads, drugs, violence, adult content, offensive content, racist content, controversial content, and the like) is a must for any major network. All of the items you'll ever need to block should be easily selectable with a click of your mouse as well; after all, sophisticated technology aside, a good web filter appliance should also be intuitive and practical to use as well.

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F.A.Q. about Web filtering - Appliance

How a Web Content Filter Appliance Works

Typically a web content filter appliance protects Internet users and networks by using a combination of blacklists, URIBL and SURBL filters, category filters and keyword filters. Blacklists, URIBL and SURBL filters work together to prevent users visiting websites known to harbor malware, those that have been identified as fake phishing sites, and those who hid their true identity by using the whois privacy feature or a proxy server. Genuine websites have no reason to hide their true identity.

In the category filtering process, the content of millions of webpages are analyzed and assigned a category. System administrators can then choose which categories to block access to (i.e. online shopping, alcohol, pornography, gambling, etc.) depending on whether the web content filter appliance is providing a service to a business, a store, a school, a restaurant, or a workplace. Most appliances for filtering web content also offer the facility to create bespoke categories.

Keyword filters have multiple uses. They can be used to block access to websites containing specific words (for example the business name of a competitor), specific file extensions (typically those most commonly used for deploying malware and ransomware), and specific web applications; if, for example, a business wanted to allow its marketing department access to Facebook, but not FaceTime. Effectively, the keyword filters fine-tune the category settings, enhance security and increase productivity.

Are there any home web filter appliance?

For children today, the Internet has always existed. To them, it’s second nature to pop online and watch a funny video, find a fact, or chat with a friend. But, of course, the Internet is also filled with a lot of dark corners (It’s a hop, skip, and a click to adult content). Parents, then, are presented with the daunting task of not only monitoring what sites their children visit but also their screen time consumption. There are a number of home content filtering appliance that allow parents to do just this. The best parental control apps and devices, be they hardware or software, not only put parents in command of such things as the content their children can view and the amount of time they can spend online but help restore a parent’s sense of control. With them, parents, from can restrict access to only specific sites and apps, filter dangerous or explicit web-content, manage time, and even track their location.