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As a large provider of high quality single-family rental homes in the United States, Progress Residential has leveraged the power of a single platform with VMware Carbon Black Cloud. Tasked with the job of investing in cybersecurity, the Progress Residential team sought out a nextgeneration antivirus (NGAV) solution that would change the way they manage security, and found it with VMware Carbon Black. Seeking Sophisticated Prevention Before making the switch to VMware Carbon Black, Progress Residential needed to replace their traditional AV solution, Trend Micro, as it was no longer a viable solution for the anticipated growth of the company. Progress Residential leadership was looking to make an investment in cybersecurity, and wanted to find an innovative security vendor and solution that would prevent sophisticated attacks, and provide context and visibility into their environment. The Progress Residential team began research looking at endpoint protection platforms CrowdStrike and Endgame, and with the help of partner CompuNet and industry peers, VMware Carbon Black was brought into the conversation. Before even approaching the VMware Carbon Black team, Cody Lavallee, IT Infrastructure Manager at Progress Residential, conducted his own research on VMware Carbon Black and found the company’s vision compelling. The Advantage of a Single Platform With VMware Carbon Black, Progress Residential can take advantage of the PSC platform to save significant time for their SOC team. As Lavallee shared, “I now have the ability for a 24/7 SOC to immediately identify and take action on any issues that come up without needing to reach out to my team at all hours of the day/night.” There are also operational benefits from using VMware Carbon Black. Their previous solution lacked response capabilities, and remediation often required a prolonged process. VMware Carbon Black, on the other hand, allows them to solve fundamental problems quickly by leveraging platform functionality such as real-time endpoint query through VMware Carbon Black® Cloud Audit and Remediation.“VMware Carbon Black® Cloud Audit and Remediation was a game changer,” said Lavallee “it enables us to tell the technology what we need and get the information back.” The team also found the visibility available through VMware Carbon Black Cloud Managed Detection™ and its expert threat reports extremely valuable, especially in their onboarding process. These VMware Carbon Black Cloud Managed Detection™ reports demonstrated VMware Carbon Black’s ability to improve their security posture to the Progress Residential executive team. The products on the cloud platform have consolidated Progress Residential’s security stack, providing exactly what the executive team required of a security vendor. More specifically, the new addition of the threat hunting and incident response solution VMware Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR. The unfiltered visibility via VMware Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR provides actionable versus anomalous activity for their SOC team. “We wanted to stay on the cutting-edge of cybersecurity and Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR provided us with additional security resources to do that”says Lavallee. Conclusion With the power of a single platform, Progress Residential has been able to improve their security posture and redefine security management for the company. The competition could not compete with the wealth of the products on the VMware Carbon Black Cloud, and neither will the adversaries.
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