Cloud platform jParus

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Decentralized IT systems


Enhance Staff Productivity

Reduce Costs

Ensure Security and Business Continuity

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Reduce Production Timelines

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Cloud platform jParus

Parus Corporation has released a platform "jParus" created on the base of cloud computing and focused on minimizing TCO ( Total cost of ownership). Thisplatform reflects the rich experience of obtained knowledge and is implemented on the base of innovative technologies using modern development tools.


An important feature of this platform, is the ability to work with freeware software. So, as an operating system can be used Linux, configuration tools and making reports — OpenOffice, printing can be made into pdf-documents also. Solution will be high valued by customers who deal with geographically-distributed structure, or who need remote access to database. Minimization TCO Either, platform successfully works on local servers. Competitive advantages of our System: three-level client-server; high reliability, data storage security; application of «cloud technologies»: ability to work on local/external servers; global availability (using mobile devices and web-client); high scalability; cross-platform. Linux and Windows can be used as an Operating system for database server. Client can work on Windows, Linux and MacOS; modern development tools and database editors (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL, etc); open source software support; different types of printing formats: pdf, xml, txt, rtf, xls, cvs, оdt, ods; comfortable interface; different distribution models (SaaS, PaaS); modest requirements to technology and communication channels; integration with other accounting systems. "Heart" of the platform is an application server. He interacts with the database server client applications, performs the most complicated operations, selection, processing, data encryption. Any database, supporting SQL 92 standard can be used as a database server. Database server, besides the storage and database objects, provides saving logical integrity of the database. Third part of the platform, is a "thin client". Users can choose different types of client applications. This is: Desktop-client - typical Windows/Linux/Mac-application; Web-client - using only an internet browser; Clients for smartphones and mobile phones.

Scheme of work

 Scheme of work