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Achieving the ‘ONE BANK’ vision “With over 55,000+ users & 4,000+ branches and multiple integration points, it was hard for any system to match our expectations. But with CRMNEXT, we have enjoyed 99.9% uptime availability and seamless scalability.” - Rajesh Wagh, Sr. Vice President (IT) CUSTOMER CHALLENGES
  • Build comprehensive & actionable 360° customer view.
  • Fragmented customer information in multiple disparate systems.
  • Fragmented selling process leading to fragmented ownership, low visibility and challenges in monitoring of turn-around times.
  • Time consuming processes for reconciliation and generation of reports.
  • Low visibility of information leading to inefficiencies in cross-sell and up-sell.
  • Highly demanding and sensitive managed customer segment.
  • Large customer base and associated data management challenges.
SOLUTIONS PROVIDED Delivering AmazingCustomer Experience
  • CEasy on-boarding
  • Instant gratification
  • Reliable service.
  • Personalized relationships
  • Consistency across channels
Deploying Private Cloud
  • Ultra-scalable, elastic
  • Use commodity hardware
  • 100% auto upgradable
  • Always on, always current
  • Reliable integrations
Creating Single Destination Convenience for Users
  • Reduce application hopping
  • Automate to reduce workload
  • Assistance in target achievement Information on finger tips
  • Actionable intelligence at point of interaction
Executing Faster Processes
  • 200% faster sales TAT
  • Best in class process efficiency
  • Pro-active SLA management
  • Core system synchronized
RESULTS Sales Automation
  • 208% Increase in Lead Conversion
  • 40% Increase in Cross Selling
  • 90% Reduction in Sales TAT
Customer Service & Support
  • 52% Improvement in Service Quality
  • 42% Increase in Net Promoters Score
Campaign Management
  • 370% Increase in Leads Generated
  • 108% Increase in Response Rate
  • 23% Increase in Campaign Frequency
Staff Impact
  • 73% Bank workforce using CRMNEXT
  • 10,000+ No. of daily personalized reports
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