GE Digital Predix Platform

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GE Digital Predix Platform

Connect, optimize, and scale your digital industrial applications.


What is Predix Platform? Built for industry Predix Platform is the place where industry runs. As a scalable, asset-centric data foundation, it is a comprehensive and secure application platform that can run, scale, and extend digital industrial solutions. Leading IIoT capabilities The platform delivers shared capabilities that industrial applications require: asset connectivity, edge technologies, analytics and machine learning, big data processing, and asset-centric digital twins. Build once, deploy anywhere Designed as a distributed application platform, Predix Platform is optimized for high volume, low latency, and integration-intensive data management and analytics-driven outcomes. Drive results with Predix Platform Predix Edge Industrial IoT needs are driving a rapid evolution in edge computing. Predix Edge simplifies data collection and data forwarding while supporting any computing need. With powerful connectivity and management capabilities, support for container-based apps and analytics, and scalable deployment options, Predix Edge can securely handle advanced analytics and data processing from the plant floor to the data center. Predix Cloud Predix Cloud provides the scalable big data processing, rich analytics, and a full range of application services that support the most demanding industrial solutions. Whether you use the built-in user console for monitoring and event management, develop and run your own apps and analytics, or leverage GE Digital-built applications, Predix Cloud provides the secure foundation for your company’s digital transformation. Predix Private Cloud Predix Private Cloud provides the core set of Predix Cloud services-as-a-software solution that is designed to be deployed directly in a customer's data center or the preferred location. Predix Private Cloud meets stringent customer requirements for security, regulatory compliance, and data sovereignty while offering the key functionality, application and analytics support, and scalability of Predix Cloud. Predix Essentials Predix Essentials is a complete solution for industrial monitoring and event management. Predix Essentials brings you the power of the Predix Platform, with asset connectivity, edge-to-cloud data processing and a feature-rich user console—packaged and pre-configured for rapid results. No development required. With Predix Essentials, you can connect to assets and IT/OT data, monitor conditions and analyze alerts, and manage incidents through resolution. Capabilities delivered by Predix Platform Visualization, analysis, and applications A built-in user console provides IoT visibility and event management without the need to develop custom software or applications. Rich integrated capabilities and workflow enable users to monitor industrial data and assets, analyze anomalies and alerts, and manage cases through resolution using a unified work environment. You can even extend or customize the Essentials user experience using a rich set of APIs. Analytics and machine learning Analytics for anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, prescriptive controls, and more are the catalyst for truly impactful IIoT benefits. Predix Platform provides a rich analytics library and framework to create or import machine learning analytics, while the Predix industrial data fabric supports the latest in advanced, scalable technology to support the most demanding analytics workloads. Asset-centric digital twins Operational excellence requires a single source of truth about each asset (machine), a fleet of assets, or a collection of assets that deliver production-level outcomes. At its core, Predix Platform is asset-centric. Digital twins codify this information to reflect past conditions, current conditions, and future predictions on those assets. Applications leverage this to deliver maintenance and equipment health, predictive maintenance, and operations optimization. Predix Platform Security At the moment that data leaves an asset, ensuring its availability, validity, and integrity is of primary concern. Predix Platform is secure by design. Built with defense-in-depth across every layer, and continuously monitored, Predix Platform security addresses the security of the platform itself, the applications it powers, the software development process, and the security of data that flows through the platform. Predix Platform provides capabilities such as two-party encryption and supports the end-to-end chain of custody reporting for code and data.

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