Sensato Nightingale

Problems that solves

Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data

Risk or Leaks of confidential information

Risk of attacks by hackers

Risk of data loss or damage

Insufficient risk management


Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Manage Risks

Sensato Nightingale

An integrated cyber security platform combining detection, monitoring, incident response, deception technology, forensics, countermeasures. Designed to help you fight back.


The Nightingale Difference

Early Detection. Sensato-Nightingale can detect a breach within a couple days. When you're being attacked, every second counts. Attackers have gotten very good at bypassing intrusion detection, anti-virus, firewalls, and even the latest machine learning-based intrusion prevention systems. Sensato-Nightingale alerts you to a breach and gives you a fighting chance to contain the intrusion and mitigate damage. Immediately upon being reconned by an attacker, Sensato-Nightingale signals its Nest Command Center and issues SMS and email alerts. If desired, it can also be connected to the Sensato Cybersecurity Tactical Operations Center for enhanced monitoring and incident response. Forensic Collection. Sensato-Nightingale empowers your incident response team to stop guessing and start responding. On average, an attacker will exploit your network for close to a year without detection. When an attacker is detected, Nightingale can automatically launch its Sentinel technology to begin monitoring, tracking, and reporting on the attacker's activities across your network and enterprise. Sensato-Nightingale is an amazingly powerful resource for forensic analysis.    Fight Back! Speed, and invoking counter-measures, can be the crucial difference between an inconvenience or being tomorrow's headline. Nightingale is one of the first tools on the market that provides automated countermeasures to help you fight back.
This unique capability is extremely powerful; further details are only discussed under a mutual non-disclosure agreement. Cybersecurity inspired by the Samurai. "Nightingale floors" were floors designed to protect the Samurai. They made a chirping sound when walked upon. The Samurai knew that despite all their defenses, their advanced training and resources, it was only a matter of time before enemies would break in. They realized their only hope of survival was to detect the assassin as early as possible. These nightingale floors were used as a security device, assuring that no one could sneak through the corridors undetected. The ingenious design has multiple advantages: Like the would-be assassin, it’s sneaky. It looks like an ordinary floor, but it’s constructed so that the nails rub against a jacket or clamp as someone walks over the floorboards, causing a chirping noise like a nightingale bird. The result is an alarm system the intruder cannot detect until it’s too late. The nightingale floor not only sounds the alarm when an intruder enters, but it also pinpoints the intruder’s location.

It’s time for your own nightingale floor.