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DLP - Appliance

DLP - Appliance

DLP (Data Loss Prevention) is a technology for preventing leakage of confidential information from an information system to the outside, as well as technical software and hardware devices for such prevention of leakage. According to most definitions, information leakage is the unauthorized distribution of restricted access data that is not controlled by the owner of this data. This implies that the person who committed the leak has the rights to access information.

The most effective way to ensure data security on corporate computers today is to use specialized data leakage prevention tools (Data Leak Prevention or DLP). DLP solutions are designed to eliminate the “human factor” and prevent misconduct by preventing (and fixing) data leaks from a computer for as many scripts as possible.

Email and webmail services, instant messaging services, social networks and forums, cloud file storages, FTP servers - all these benefits of the Internet can at any moment be a channel for leaking corporate information, disclosure of which may be undesirable or even dangerous for business.

You shouldn’t disregard traditional local channels - data storage devices (flash drives, disks, memory cards), printers and data transfer interfaces and synchronization with smartphones.

An effective DLP solution should control the widest possible range of network communications channels, local devices, and interfaces. At the same time, the effectiveness of a DLP solution is determined by the flexibility of the settings and the ability to ensure a successful combination of business interests and security.

Today, DLP products are a rapidly growing information security industry, and new products are released very often. Installing a DLP system will allow you to distinguish confidential information from the usual, which in turn will reduce the cost of the entire complex for the protection of information and resources in general. No unimportant moment when choosing a DLP-system is its price, but Data Leak Prevention has a modularity that allows you to protect the channels you need and not pay extra for protecting unnecessary ones.

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F.A.Q. about DLP - Appliance

What Is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

Data loss prevention, or DLP, is a set of technologies, products, and techniques that are designed to stop sensitive information from leaving an organization.

Data can end up in the wrong hands whether it’s sent through email or instant messaging, website forms, file transfers, or other means. DLP strategies must include solutions that monitor for, detect, and block the unauthorized flow of information.

How does DLP work?

DLP technologies use rules to look for sensitive information that may be included in electronic communications or to detect abnormal data transfers. The goal is to stop information such as intellectual property, financial data, and employee or customer details from being sent, either accidentally or intentionally, outside the corporate network.

Why do organizations need DLP solutions?

The proliferation of business communications has given many more people access to corporate data. Some of these users can be negligent or malicious. The result: a multitude of insider threats that can expose confidential data with a single click. Many government and industry regulations have made DLP a requirement.