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IaaS - storage

IaaS - storage

IaaS is an abbreviation that stands for Infrastructure as a Service (“infrastructure as a service”). This model provides for a cloud provider to provide the client with the necessary amount of computing resources - virtual servers, remote workstations, data warehouses, with or without the provision of software - and software deployment within the infrastructure remains the client's prerogative. In essence, IaaS is an alternative to renting physical servers, racks in the data center, operating systems; instead, the necessary resources are purchased with the ability to quickly scale them if necessary. In many cases, this model may be more profitable than the traditional purchase and installation of equipment, here are just a few examples:

  • if the need for computing resources is not constant and can vary greatly depending on the period, and there is no desire to overpay for unused capacity;
  • when a company is just starting its way on the market and does not have working capital in order to buy all the necessary infrastructure - a frequent option among startups;
  • there is a rapid growth in business, and the network infrastructure must keep pace with it;
  • if you need to reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining equipment;
  • when a new direction is launched, and it is necessary to test it without investing significant funds in resources.

IaaS can be organized on the basis of a public or private cloud, as well as by combining two approaches - the so-called. “Hybrid cloud”, created using the appropriate software.

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F.A.Q about IaaS - storage

IaaS or Infrastructure as a service translated into Russian as “Infrastructure as a service”.

"Infrastructure" in the case of IaaS, it can be virtual servers and networks, data warehouses, operating systems.

“As a service” means that the cloud infrastructure components listed above are provided to you as a connected service.

IaaS is a cloud infrastructure utilization model in which the computing power is provided to the client for independent management.

What is the difference from PaaS and SaaS?

Frequently asked questions, what distinguishes IaaS, PaaS, SaaS from each other? What is the difference? Answering all questions, you decide to leave in the area of ​​responsibility of its IT specialists. It requires only time and financial costs for your business.

Who is responsible for what?

In the case of using IaaS models, a company can independently use resources: install and run software, exercise control over systems, applications, and virtual storage systems.

For example, networks, servers, servers and servers. The IaaS service provider manages its own software and operating system, middleware and applications, is responsible for the infrastructure during the purchase, installation and configuration.

Why do companies choose IaaS?

Scaling capabilities. All users have access to resources, and you must use all the resources you need.

Cost savings. As a rule, the use of cloud services costs the company less than buying its own infrastructure.

Mobility. Ability to work with conventional applications.