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IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration

IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration

IBM® Cloud Mass Data Migration accelerates the secure movement of terabytes to petabytes of data into the IBM Cloud using rugged, 120TB-usable capacity portable storage devices. Using superior technology and hardware, Mass Data Migration helps overcome common data transfer challenges including high network costs, long transfer times, and security concerns – all in a single service.

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  • Ensure Security and Business Continuity

About Product

Move data fast

Using a single Mass Data Migration device, you can migrate up to 120 TB of usable data (at RAID-6) in just days, as opposed to weeks or months using traditional data transfer methods.

Flexible and Scalable

Whether you need to migrate a few terabytes or many petabytes of data, you have the flexibility to request one or multiple devices to accommodate your workload.


Moving large data sets can be expensive and time-consuming. Each Mass Data Migration device is offered at a low, flat rate including roundtrip shipping and 10 days of use at your site.

Simple process

IBM sends you a pre-configured device enabling you to simply connect and ingest data. When you are finished, ship the device back to IBM where we offload your data into IBM Cloud Object Storage. Once your offload is complete, enjoy immediate access to your data in the cloud after IBM securely erases all data from the transport device.

End-to-end protection

Mass Data Migration devices are designed to maximize security from the inside-out. Devices are housed in rugged, tamper-evident, waterproof, shockproof cases to ensure secure protection during device-handling and transport. The technology offers industry-standard 256-bit encryption, as well as in-line compression, to ensure an efficient and secure data migration.

Secure erasure

IBM uses a four-pass DOD-level data wipe to ensure complete and prompt erasure of all customer data from Mass Data Migration devices.

Migrating data to the cloud

Whether you want to free-up on premises storage capacity, archive inactive data, or back-up data for redundancy and recovery, Mass Data Migration can quickly and securely move your data. Once in the cloud, use IBM Cloud Services to fuel innovation with analytics, create cognitive solutions or build and scale cloud-native apps.

Data center decommission

Use Mass Data Migration to securely move your sensitive data to the cloud as you downsize, expand or relocate your data center.

Limited bandwidth

Mass Data Migration is a great alternative if you are in a remote location or find over-the-network options to be cost-prohibitive, too slow, or unavailable for your data transfer.