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Lead411 Sales Intelligence Platform

Lead411 believes in helping companies start the sales process with a targeted conversation. Through accurate contact data fueled by innovative data intelligence, we give you an advantage over other solutions. Discover contact data from companies that are in a buying position, save time through filtered sales data points, and reach out directly from our platform to get the results you need to ensure a healthy pipeline. Who can benefit from Lead411? Recruiters Track your clients’ needs and be there when they need you. Let us help you identify trends that indicate placement opportunities and when to reach out. Sales Teams Sell more, search less and send messages with accurate and up to date contact information including verified emails, direct dials, trigger notification and lead intelligence. Marketing Managers Find prospects that fill your funnel with actionable data. Drive increased traction with Reach campaigns that target the right customers at the right time. Business Builders Let us put the world of big data to work for you by interpreting the trends that drive action. Be more effective today with Lead411.
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The ROI4CIO Product Catalog is a database of business software, hardware, and IT services. Using filters, select IT products by category, supplier or vendor, business tasks, problems, availability of ROI calculator or price calculator. Find the right business solutions by using a neural network search based on the results of deployment products in other companies.