Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub

Problems that solves

High costs

Shortage of information for decision making

Failure to attract new customers

Poor timing of management decision making

Shortage of inhouse IT resources

Low quality of customer support

No support for mobile and remote users

Poor communication and coordination among staff

Complex and non-transparent business processes

Customer attrition


Generate Business Reports

Enhance Competitive Ability

Enhance Staff Productivity

Support Customers

Support Decision Making

Expand Sales Geography

Develop Sales Channels

Reduce Costs

Ensure Compliance

Increase Customer Base

Improve Customer Service

Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub

Produce amazing events with all-in-one virtual solution Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub


Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub creates immersive, interactive virtual events

Build on the industry’s leading platform
  • Cvent virtual event platform delivers a seamless, fully branded experience
  • A single source of truth for all your event data
  • Engage attendees on the go with a native mobile app
  • Benefit from enterprise-class security and support

Deliver engaging session content
  • Allow attendees to easily browse and select sessions
  • Embedded video player delivers high quality live, simulive, or recorded content
  • Encourage interaction with live, moderated Q&A
  • Connect one on one, or through collaborative sessions with up to 500 participants

Provide more value for sponsors
  • Enable exhibitors and sponsors to showcase their brand and content
  • Facilitate connections via virtual exhibitor booths
  • Easily create inbound leads for exhibitors
  • Combine our appointment tool to run 1:1 sessions

Discover insights that matter
  • Monitor attendees’ clicks and views during the event
  • Get session attendance tracking for CE credit
  • Develop an attendee engagement score for qualified leads

User features

Roles of Interested Employees

Chief Information Officer

Chief Sales Officer

Sales Management

IT Management

Marketing Management

Organizational Features

Web-based customer portal

Mobile users

Internet access is available for employees