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Create branded virtual events that can go live in minutes.


Zuddl is a platform for virtual, large-scale events that helps you run events that are truly immersive, ensuring a memorable experience for organizers, speakers, attendees, and sponsors alike.

Zuddl's self-serving platform is designed to provide a stress-free experience for organizers with the ability to configurable the look and feel of their event exactly the way they want it. There are booths, rooms, stage, and lobby available. From the main dashboard, you can overview everything, that is going on and manage every aspect of the event, keeping everyone in sync. It provides ready-to-use design templates and customization tools that make it easy to drive brand visibility and value. Additionally, to more than a hundred templates, You can customize any part of a stage, booth, and lobby with widgets. The solution offers AI-Powered matchmaking: there is automatic networking, that lets your attendees book one-to-one meetings with their best matches. The option of the intuitive backstage allows a seamless transition from live sessions to recorded ones and vice versa. After the event, Zuddl provides advanced analytics: attendee traffic, engagement, and buyer intent across the event, all in real-time. Last but not least, it is SO 27001 certified and GDPR Compliant.

Схема работы

Схема работы