meetyoo Virtual Event Platform

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Aging IT infrastructure

Shortage of inhouse software developers

IT infrastructure does not meet business tasks


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meetyoo Virtual Event Platform

Our virtual event solutions and services allow your organization to reduce event costs dramatically, to contribute to a sustainable economy, and to extend the reach of events!


By using innovative internet technology, we have created a stunning, user-friendly virtual environment. This enables online communication, even in large groups of up to tens of thousands of Participants, providing them with that real event feeling. While the components are seamlessly integrated into a self-contained conference similar to a physical exhibition center, the platform is highly flexible and scalable. Supporting both small online events as well as virtual conferences and fairs with of up to tens of thousands of participants is easily possible. Furthermore, you can adjust all design components - or simply use templates. Main Hall and Lounge The virtual main hall is the entry point for any online event. Here, attendees can familiarise themselves with the event, interact with other attendees and enter the other online event areas. Get familiar Typically, participants can watch a teaser or welcome video, which tells them the most important information about the virtual event. There is also an information booth where attendees can find any assistance they might need. Interact Attendees also have the chance to network and interact with one another in the lounge area, an additional feature of the main hall. We have integrated multiple social networking capabilities (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, ...) in order to enable communication, helping to ensure that contacts are not lost once the event is over. Navigate The main hall is also the navigation center for virtual events. From here attendees can access all other areas of the event, such as a keynote theater with video presentations or an exhibition hall with virtual booths. Since the virtual event platform supports events of unlimited size, it is also possible to access further exhibition halls, thus adding additional navigation layers for very large events. Keynote Theater The virtual keynote theater is the broadcasting component of your online event. We support the following video streams:
  • live (studio/conference): live video streaming from a particular location
  • live (webcam): video streaming with your webcam
  • pseudo-live: pre-recorded and played at a fixed time
  • on demand: pre-recorded and played on request
Adjust it to your needs The virtual auditorium can be tailored to your individual needs: with or without slides, subtitles or translation. Polls, feedback and online tests can also be integrated to your event. Lively interaction In order to enable lively interaction, video presentations can be run in combination with our chat feature. Live chats can be started automatically at the end of the presentation, and the moderator can also determine the order in which the messages of the attendees appear, in order to guide the flow of the discussion. Answers can be submitted in the group chat or via webcam. Exhibition Hall with Booths In the virtual exhibition hall, conference attendees can browse the booths. These virtual booths can be adjusted according to your corporate identity, and all elements within the booths, such as video screens and document sections, can be emphasized to varying degrees depending on how important they are for you. Live interaction with booth staff You can also staff each booth with individual booth personnel. As soon as they log in to the platform, their personal avatar appears in the booth. Each booth visitor can can simply click on these avatars to either start a video chat or a text based chat. The number of staff on a booth is not restricted in any way! A complex algorithm ensures that only the next available avatar is shown to the attendees.