Hold Security Data Security Assessment Services

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Hold Security Data Security Assessment Services

We employ standard methodologies to help your organization to recognize and quantify risks based on your needs


Hold Security is committed to provide you the best advice and assistance; hence we never rely on automated scanning tools as a sole way for assessments. Our security testing methodologies require our engineers to conduct manual reviews of test results and conduct their own battery of tests. At the end, our assessments do not produce countless false positive results and time after time we identify threats that otherwise would not have been found by automated tools. Pen Testing – Black Box Approach The Black Box assessment technique simulates real-life situations where your electronic assets are tested for vulnerabilities and subversions using the most basic sets of information available. This ‘Hacker’ approach examines what vulnerabilities your systems have to casual observers, Internet users, unprivileged internal assets, etc. You provide us a target and we will tell you what the bad guys can do with it. Security Controls Testing – Grey Box Approach The Grey Box assessment technique is a step above the Black Box methodology as scanning is done not with a minimal knowledge but with as much knowledge about the systems that the customer is willing to share. This allows our engineers to gain a solid understanding of underlying technologies, system structures, and, if applicable basic system accounts to test for complex exploitation techniques. In-Depth Security Auditing – White Box Approach The White Box assessment is the most comprehensive and efficient way to audit most systems. On top of our understanding of business and technical functionality, the assessment is being done from the system administrator level with access to all necessary resources to conduct a full battery of testing of all the components. Eliminating the guessing work that hackers usually undertake streamlines the process and identifies nearly all security issues. Code Review and Vulnerability Research If you are developing your own software or if you want to verify that your vendor’s software contains no undiscovered vulnerabilities, Hold Security can help with conducting a comprehensive set of tests including regression testing, debug analysis, comprehensive code review, and much more to test all inputs and outputs of the software for vulnerabilities.