InteliSecure FXSM

Problems that solves

Shortage of inhouse software developers

Shortage of inhouse IT resources

Shortage of inhouse IT engineers

High costs of IT personnel


Enhance Staff Productivity

Reduce Costs

InteliSecure FXSM

Comprehensive Data Protection Up and Running in Weeks, not Months


Finally there is a fast and easy way to better protect sensitive information and demonstrate compliance. InteliSecure FXSM is a pre-packaged, managed data protection service that is up and running in days, not months. InteliSecure combines 15+ years’ experience implementing and managing data protection programs with specialized data security expertise and leading security technologies to protect sensitive information and more effectively demonstrate compliance while saving time and money. InteliSecure FXSM makes it Easy and Fast to Protect Sensitive data.
  • Pre-packaged and co-managed options to provide an optimal blend of speed and flexibility.

  • 15+ years’ experience implementing and managing data protection programs.

  • Specialized expertise dedicated to protecting your most sensitive information.

  • Leverages leading security technology in a vendor-neutral fashion.

Service Elements Data Security
  • Data at Rest - protect sensitive data whether it’s stored on premises or in the cloud
  • Data in Use - monitor how users interact with sensitive information anywhere at any time
  • Data in Motion - protect sensitive information no matter where it goes, inside or outside your organization, including over web and email channels
Cloud Security
  • Apply consistent security policies across multiple sanctioned cloud applications
  • Gain visibility into which cloud applications are used in your environment
  • Control how sensitive information flows into and out of unsanctioned cloud applications
  • Protect from inbound SPAM and Virus infections
  • Protect from outbound data leaks on the web and email channels
  • Apply controls like encryption and quarantines to sensitive information
  • Reduce Risk
  • Save time, money and effort
  • Faster time to impact
  • More impactful reporting
  • Improve visibility and control