Identity Automation RapidIdentity

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Identity Automation RapidIdentity

Embrace Security & Limit Risk with RapidIdentity


RapidIdentity is the most complete Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform available, giving organizations greater security, increased business agility, and lower costs of identity and access management. With RapidIdentity, organizations can transform identity and access management across all users—including employees, contractors, partners, and vendors. Improve productivity and collaboration by giving the right people, the right access, from anywhere—for the time needed. Everything You Need in a Single IAM Platform Automated Lifecycle Management
  • Eliminate Repetitive and Labor-Intensive Manual Processes. Easily create and manage identities enterprise-wide. Provisioning, deprovisioning, and real-time updates to on-premise and cloud apps happen automatically with changes in authoritative sources and business processes. This eliminates low-value, repetitive tasks for IT staff, while adding back valuable bandwidth for more strategic initiatives.
  • Empower Your Business and Workers. Simple online forms make it simple for users to request new entitlements and roles for themselves, other employees, contractors, or partners. RapidIdentity enables every user to function as if they were a power user. As a result, the frustrations and delays associated with requesting and waiting for proper access to be granted are greatly reduced
  • Ensure Security with Always-Accurate Account Validation. When an employee leaves an organization or a vendor relationship ends, their accounts can remain in an active state well after-the-fact. RapidIdentity can automatically identify orphan accounts and alert system owners. Additionally, RapidIdentity prevents rogue administrative accounts from being created.
Comprehensive Identity Governance
  • Maintain Defined Business and Security Processes. Each component of RapidIdentity is driven by policy configurations. Implementing your current business rules is typically as simple as completing a form and making check box selections—unlike other solutions where identity governance equals custom coding.
  • Consistently Enforce Policy Configurations Across the Enterprise. All configurations are centrally implemented and managed in one tool, ensuring they are consistently enforced across the entire enterprise. This consistent implementation of your policies enables effective compliance auditing later.
  • Free Up Staff Resources By Automating Tedious Tasks. Once policies have been defined per your current governance rules, their enforcement and management is automated, eliminating tedious tasks and allowing IT staff to focus on core business functions.
Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Improve Security Without Impacting User Experience. Strike a balance between usability and protection that drives user adoption with RapidIdentity MFA. Implement context-based policies that govern which multi-factor authentication method is actually needed—based on criteria, such as time of day, location, and network device settings. Users can even choose from a variety of authentication methods, like cell phone based soft tokens, one-time passwords, and biometrics, to best fit their situation.
  • Leverage Existing Security Investments. Take advantage of existing investments in physical access by leveraging the same proximity card technology your employees already use to unlock and open doors to also open Windows™. Additionally, with such deployments, RapidIdentity MFA can be up-and-running in just hours with minimal end-user impact or training.
  • Comply With Regulations That Require Strong Authentication. Deploy authentication technology that helps your organization satisfy regulations that require or strongly recommend strong authentication, such as SOX, CJIS, DFARS, HIPAA, HITECH, EPCS, Positive ID, and PCI-DSS. With RapidIdentity MFA, your organization can achieve compliance, while at the same time, improve the experience of end-users by streamlining authentication processes and reducing the amount of passwords that must managed.
Secure Single Sign-On
  • Boost Productivity. For companies with strict password policies and frequent, mandatory password changes, even simple login processes can take too long. RapidIdentity streamlines and automates password management, so employees can focus on your business’s core needs. Users only have to remember a single set of credentials or can bypass passwords entirely with an alternative authentication method—saving time and money, while significantly reducing the risk of breach.
  • Put an End to Password-Related Support Calls. Nearly 50% of all help desk calls are related to password and login issues, according to Gartner. RapidIdentity puts user-friendly, self-service, and delegated password reset tools that all-but-eliminate these types of calls in the hands of users and managers, freeing up your help desk team to focus on other strategic initiatives.
  • Accelerate User Adoption of Company-Promoted Apps. Getting your internal and external users to use and promote company-sanctioned applications and services starts with a great experience at the account login step. Drive greater adoption of corporate-approved systems and minimize shadow IT and the security risk of unsanctioned applications with the RapidIdentity Portal. Plus, when you buy RapidIdentity SSO, you get unlimited SSO integrations.
Password Management
  • Improve Security and Reduce Risk. Secure your environment by invoking process controls and accountability around passwords. RapidIdentity delivers increased visibility and centralized control over password management by auditing all associated self-service, delegation, sync, and provisioning tasks for users, applications, and systems.
  • Reduce Help Desk Burden. Dramatically reduce help desk burden and realize soft cost savings by empowering your users to reset and manage their own passwords according to security policies you define. Plus, when a user’s RapidIdentity password is reset, it’s reset in every connected application, streamlining processes and ensuring single sign-on continuity.
  • Enhance Usability. Your employees require access to an ever-growing number of local systems and cloud-based applications—which means they’re juggling far too many usernames and passwords. With the RapidIdentity portal, users only have to remember one set of credentials, giving them one-click access to all the business apps they need, from any device.
Privileged Access Management
  • Reduce the Risk of a Breach. Prevent unauthorized access and lateral movement within your network and cloud systems with advanced security strategies. Protect privileged credentials from unauthorized use with techniques, such as least privilege, time-based expiration, fine-grained access controls, separation of duties, and user-friendly multi-factor authentication.
  • Increase Account Insights. Audit, record, and centrally monitor all access requests, approvals, revocations, and certifications—for both internal and external privileged users. Increase accountability by monitoring the activity of individuals with shared accounts, while deterring unauthorized behavior with proactive alerts.
  • Pass Audits & Simplify Compliance. Confidently address your organization’s identity audit needs by automating the enforcement of your privileged account policies. Effortlessly generate reports needed by auditors and get ahead of aggressive regulations by safeguarding privileged access with multi-factor authentication.