WootCloud HyperContext™ Powered Security

Problems that solves

Shortage of inhouse IT resources

Shortage of inhouse IT engineers

Shortage of inhouse software developers

High costs of IT personnel


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WootCloud HyperContext™ Powered Security

Securing the Internet of Things. Providing real-time behavior monitoring for any device over any spectrum for faster threat detection.


WootCloud's HyperContext(TM) has a unique machine learning driven, security approach that leverages both radio and network characteristics of devices in enterprises to establish deep context about these devices and associated users, provides risk assessment and automates access control to let enterprises safely handle smart devices at scale. The agent-less solution provides a layer of protection over all key radio spectra and networks and integrates with exiting NACs, other control and orchestration tools, and segmentation tools/ frameworks for protection and remediation. In today’s interconnected world with an explosive IoT growth, Security is the #1 challenge to make the Internet of Everything a reality. WootCloud provides real-time behavior monitoring for any device over any spectrum for faster threat detection. With WootCloud’s solution, organizations can:
  • Get unparalleled visibility into their devices
  • Effortlessly analyze and inspect traffic for threats
  • Control devices using a powerful policy engine
  • Enterprise-wide threat response across wired, wireless for campus, data center, branch, and cloud
What WootCloud's HyperContext is capable of doing? Real-time device threat detection Provides visibility and deep threat insights into your devices in both network and enterprise airspace Device Centric Modeling detects security threats faster Radio fingerprinting helps identify any device, whereas Device Centric Modeling and profiling helps establish a unique profile for any device Next-Generation Defense Actionable automated insights against insider threats, detecting anomalies faster, at a lower cost, with fewer personnel Agentless Scalable deployments with no additional tools, or agents