Insightly CRM

Problems that solves

No unified email system

No unified address book

Decentralized IT systems

Low quality of customer service

High costs of routine operations

Separate communications channels

Low employee productivity

Failure to attract new customers

Customer attrition

Low quality of customer support


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity

Improve Customer Service

Increase Customer Base

Insightly CRM

Insightly is a tool for managing your contacts and related organisations, partners, vendors and suppliers. Insightly has a project management system built right in.


Grow your business faster than ever before by building stronger customer relationships over time, and exceeding expectations every step of the way.


Capture Leads Anywhere. Insightly can help you capture more leads, no matter where they come from. Scan business cards with our mobile CRM app, add lead capture forms to your website, turn emails into new leads with Gmail and Outlook add-ins, or import new leads from hundreds of other applications with ease.

Lead Routing. Insightly tracks the most relevant lead information, including a rich activity timeline of marketing campaign source origin, emails, phone calls, meetings and tasks. Automatically route leads to the right person, in real time, so sales reps follow up on the right leads while they’re still hot.

Opportunity Management. Accelerate the sales process at every step so you can see at a glance the last actions on an opportunity, as well as next steps for moving every deal forward. Send off sales-ready emails from automated templates with just one click. Be alerted when a customer opens or clicks an email – all from within a sales opportunity.

Workflow Automation. Complex multi-step business processes can be modelled and automated with Insightly workflow automation. Create email alerts for assigned opportunities, create or update records, or generate tasks for others when opportunities are won. You can even execute custom business logic to sync external systems from SAP, Oracle and others. Insightly intelligently works in the background to orchestrate and coordinate your processes so nothing is missed.

Send, Track and Save Emails. Create and send emails from within Insightly in a few clicks, or send out bulk emails to a list of contacts or leads with ease. Insightly tracks email delivery to customers in real-time and notifies you when they are opened, forwarded or clicked. We even monitor open and click statistics for all email templates, so you can choose the best template at a glance for outgoing emails.


Comprehensive Contact Management. Access everything you need to know about a lead or customer from a single page. Get a 360 view of a contact’s communications history, key relationships, events and tasks, social profiles, sales opportunities and project involvement. Insightly gives you the complete contact management picture whether you’re in the office or on the go. Our free mobile CRM app puts prospect and customer insights at your fingertips.

Discover Richer Relationships. Insightly uses a unique relationship graph engine to automatically capture the links between contacts, organizations and the business relationships they share, whenever Gmail or Microsoft emails are saved to Insightly. We extend network connections by linking contacts to sales opportunities, projects, and day-to-day communications. So you can craft more persuasive and personalized pitches… using details directly from customer relationship history.

Automatically Populate Social Profiles. Insightly can automatically add social profiles and profile pictures from popular social networks when contacts are added to Insightly, giving you more insight into customer and partner interests. From a database of over 500 million social profiles, Insightly can accurately link social profiles to contacts and companies with just an email address or a website.

Gmail and Outlook Integration. Our award winning integrations inside Gmail and Outlook mean you don’t need to leave your email client to update your CRM. Create/update contacts, organizations, opportunities and projects. Or assign tasks and attach files, all without having to jump into another app. Boost productivity, schedule emails for sending, and even track email opens and clicks right from Outlook and Gmail.

Mobile CRM App. Work from anywhere with our Android and iOS apps. Prepare for meetings by reviewing contact information, social profile connections, past work performed and won deals. Present with confidence knowing which relationships are important to the contacts you’re about to pitch to.


Tasks and Events. Coordinate employee, contractor, and partner activity with Insightly’s built-in task and event management features. Create recurring tasks, schedule calendar appointments with leads or contacts, and link them to projects in just one click. Insightly can even sync events with Office 365 or G-Suite for seamless office productivity.

Activity Sets. For repeatable processes in your organization, it’s easy to create a templated set of tasks and events and apply them across multiple projects. Intelligently set dates on tasks and events in an activity set based upon a number of days in the future or past of a specific date. Attach activity sets to pipeline stages so when you advance to the next stage of a pipeline task owners are automatically notified of what needs to be done next.