Link11 DDoS Protection

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Link11 DDoS Protection

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Your Benefits of the Link11 DDoS protection No additional hardware Concentrate on what matters. You do not need to make expensive investments in additional hardware and cumbersome staff training. Link11 DDoS protection is fully cloud-based and is subject to ongoing improvement. Intelligent architecture The self-learning technology duly fends off all types of modern attacks. Depending on the connection, Link11 offers reliable protection against DDoS attacks on all layers and is ready to use within a few minutes. Individual packages As you grow and need to upsize your infrastructure, your DDoS protection grows with you. Special packages custom-tailored to your needs facilitate the overview of the services you have booked. Self-learning AI Shield All attacks fended off by Link11 are stored in a sequence database. The self-learning AI of the DDoS protection analyzes every attack sequence and compares it with the existing data. This benefits all protected companies, as it facilitates the predictability of similar incidents, resulting in an even faster reaction. Fingerprint Technology Like every human, a user in the network leaves a digital fingerprint. This fingerprint can be created from hundreds of properties. The fingerprint identification of Link11 analyzes the behavior and the mark left by the user's browser and computer. On this basis, it creates the digital DNA of every user, which is compared in real time with known threat patterns. Instant protection in the event of an attack At the customer's request, all unwanted traffic variants, such as UDP or ICMP, can be blocked. In the event of an attack, the Link11 Security Operation Center informs you immediately and initiates all required protection measures. If an enterprise opts for the always-on variant via BGP, Link11 offers 24/7 support and detects and acts automatically in the event of an attack. Your Link11 Dashboard Reporting The reports enable the scheduled generation of customized reports in a management overview. The reports can automatically be sent at regular intervals. All settings configured by the administrators in the user interface can be tracked and corrected ad hoc. Diagnosis Dashboard The Diagnosis Dashboard features general DDoS information and draws attention to current threats. Additionally, a DDoS alert system and a DDoS traffic display provide a quick overview of the current security status. The settings area enables the adjustment of the granularity of the smart DDoS filter and the configuration of settings for approved and unwanted access by means of blacklists and whitelists. Whitelist The whitelist makes it possible to setup permanent access for systems whose behavior deviates greatly from that of a normal user. For example, approved Internet crawlers are identified, and the compatibility with standard search engines, approved advertising bots, and administrators is guaranteed. Alert Function An alert function can notify the user about urgent threats by means of text messages. For every blocked connection, the blocking list indicates the reason for the filtering, the place of origin, and the duration of the connection. In this blocking list, blocked connections can also be unblocked for future connection attempts.