NiD Sonar

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Shortage of inhouse software developers

Shortage of inhouse IT resources

High costs of IT personnel

Shortage of inhouse IT engineers


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity

NiD Sonar

NiD Sonar is an asset to face the new challenges of retail as it is fully customizable to suit the needs of each customer.


NiD (formerly Nagra ID), an expert in secure data processing, has developed a turnkey solution called NiD Sonar, revolutionizing the retail industry. Developed for businesses, this innovative and user-friendly system enables brands to track retailers’ sales in real time, providing a valuable source of information. The data it provides, summarized in live dashboards and sent to brands at the frequency they require, provides a mine of information for every department of a business. Features and Benefits:
  • Supplu Chain manager. Optimized management of stock and replenishment. NiD Sonar is intelligent – simplifying the management of stock and replenishment and enabling brands to benefit from enhanced logistics reactivity.
  • Marketing. Key information on market preferences and trends. With this innovative system, your marketing department has access to information broken down by segment and by market, while identifying consumer tastes and habits worldwide.
  • CEO & CFO. A comprehensive performance and business overview. NiD Sonar offers a 360° view of your business and cash flows. It is an effective way for CEOs and CFOs to evaluate and optimize performance across all markets.
  • Customer Care. Cutting-edge Customer Care. Once it has been scanned through the payment terminal, the NiD Sonar card can serve as a warranty and as a certificate of authenticity. It can also be used as a dynamic record to track sold items
  • Sales Team. Optimal understanding of retailers and customers. An infinite source of information for sales departments, NiD Sonar provides an ingenious solution for gaining a better understanding of retailers and customers. With its end-to-end system, it gives sales teams clear insight into stock status, allowing them to react to market demand.

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 Scheme of work