Nexusguard DNS Protection

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Nexusguard DNS Protection

Nexusguard handles all incoming DNS queries and leverages layered security and our global capacity to mitigate and absorb every attack.


Features: Always-on DNS Service Protection By hosting zone records fetched from your DNS server or using cached DNS data, our servers replace or complement your DNS servers. Legitimate DNS queries are answered by Nexusguard’s cloud and malicious queries are dropped immediately. Easy Deployment Migrate zone files from your DNS server to Nexusguard’s DDoS-proof DNS servers or give us the IP addresses of your authoritative DNS servers. Nexusguard will then be set as an authoritative server for your domain name zone via DNS reverse proxy. Fast, Resilient DNS The multiple, geographically distributed nodes in Nexusguard's global scrubbing network mean performance deteriorations or service breaks in any single node will not bring down your domains. Load balancing results in faster DNS query times and faster page loads. Additional Layer of Security DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) adds security by enabling the validation of DNS responses. You can have it enabled during zone transfer and implemented on existing zones to make DNS less vulnerable to common spoofing attacks. Benfits:
  • Intuitive Customer Portal. View query stats and bandwidth used; add, remove, and manage domains under protection; configure domain settings; import/export zone files; replicate DNS data; and manage SOA (Start of Authority) and NS (Name Server) records.
  • No Security Loopholes. Various security vulnerabilities associated with DNS service, such as spoofing, DNS server cache snooping, dynamic update security threats, and fingerprinting are all addressed.
  • DNS CAA (Certification Authority Authorization) Support. Specify and authorize the certificate authorities (CAs) that can issue certificates for your domain.
  • Google 2FA (Two-factor Authentication). Activate 2FA to protect unwanted access to your Nexusguard DNS Protection account.

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