QGroup General Dynamics PitBull
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QGroup General Dynamics PitBull



PitchQGroup is founded as a system house and has also been operating since 2000 as a manufacturer of high-security products

Product features


PitBull is a Multilevel Security (MLS) operating system. All the applications with Trusted functionally are based on this OS - which guarantees the highest level of security. With PitBull OS the exploitation of bugs in any software – and subsequent damage to the complete system – can be confined and controlled. PitBull OS allows fine-grained control of user privileges and roles so it can be adapted to the unique requirements of a company. Features: Security
  • Identification and authentication
  • Discretionary access control
  • Mandatory access control
  • Mandatory integrity labels
  • Authorizations
  • Privileges
  • Security flags
  • Integrity checking
  • Auditing
  • Advanced secure networking
Unique Features
  • MAC and MIC lables supported at the kernel level
  • Provides clearances for both users and processes
  • Supports roles and authorizations
  • Uses poly-instantiated MLS network ports and CIPSO-labeled packets
  • Enforces two-man/four eye login authentication
  • Allows for dual operational/configuration system modes of operation
  • System integrity checks and integrity databases
Industry Standards
  • Exceeds LSPP (EAL4+) Common Criteria requirements
  • Provides Bell-LaPadula-based MAC (mandatory access controls)
  • Supports the MTR-10649 MITRE Label Encoding Format file
  • Supports Biba model MIC (mandatory integrity control) based labels
Software Development Kit The Software Development Kit is included with the purchase of PitBull. The Kit includes libraries, header files, maintenance pages, and software developer manuals required to write PitBull-specific applications or modify existing applications to become PitBull aware.

Problems that the product solves

Shortage of inhouse IT resources

Shortage of inhouse IT engineers

High costs of IT personnel

Shortage of inhouse software developers


Enhance Staff Productivity

Reduce Costs

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