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Our goal was to keep everything as simple as possible, not complicated. Forcepoint™, in comparison with other systems, clearly, offered the best solution. Wolfgang Allgäuer IT Infrastructure Manager OSI Food Solutions Have similar needs? OVERVIEW OSI Group, LLC (OSI) provides products and supplies for the food industry, worldwide. It supplies beef, pork, poultry and seafood, as well as vegetable, dough, fruit and cheese-based products. OSI is a well-known supplier for global food chains such as Subway, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and McDonalds. The company is based in Aurora, Illinois with additional offices in the United Kingdom, Germany and China. CHALLENGE Email is a high-priority service for OSI due to its extensive use across all international locations. OSI experienced a strong uptick in the volume of threatening inbound emails containing malicious links or fraudulent content. These attacks were becoming more sophisticated and equally catastrophic. Employee carelessness with regards to email protocol became an easy way for hackers to inflict damage and steal confidential information. Additionally, the basic anti-spam solution that OSI had initially installed was strictly limited to on-premises protection and was unable provide the scalability necessary to protect a growing workforce of remote employees. OSI needed a solution to thwart phishing attacks, provide web protection and enforce usage policies that would ensure the security of its roaming users operating in any network. Reducing downtime while delivering a superior performance was prioritized to increase employee productivity and protect OSI’s reputation. “Our network continued to be compromised, which was significantly frustrating our administration. Therefore, we looked into the market for a new solution which would get rid of these issues once and for all.“ — Wolfgang Allgäuer, IT Infrastructure Manager, OSI SOLUTION While searching for a new solution, OSI strived to avoid the expense of future on-site installations. With that in mind, Allgäuer and his colleagues concentrated their purchasing criteria exclusively on cloud-based security. They turned to long-term, trusted partner, EyeT Secure Technologies, in Ottobrunn, located near Munich. EyeT, specializing in IT security consulting, training and licensing, recommended the use of cloud-based email security from Forcepoint. TRITON AP-EMAIL Cloud (now Forcepoint Cloud Email Security) secures the communication channel most often used in the early stages of an advanced attack, empowering mobile workers and the safe adoption of new technologies without the need for additional hardware. “Deployment was quite simple. We only had to adjust the channels of communication to the Cloud and customize the MX records. That took a maximum of half a day to complete.” — Allgäuer Empowering mobile workers was a large part of the Forcepoint project—about 60% of OSI’s endpoints are laptops, which are constantly connecting to third-party networks. Convinced by the success of TRITON AP-EMAIL Cloud, OSI implemented TRITON AP-WEB Cloud (now Forcepoint Cloud Web Security), which works effortlessly to protect roaming users operating out of any network. “If our employees connect from outside the corporate network, they now go through the web security solution seamlessly, as if they never left the office.” — Allgäuer The OSI security team in Germany is responsible for securing all of OSI’s European offices. In this critical role, OSI security has the responsibility of creating uniform standards for protecting the organization’s reputation and assets. It must, therefore, deploy solutions that maximize Content Security across an entire infrastructure. TRITON AP-EMAIL Cloud and TRITON AP-WEB Cloud share a common architecture that unifies management and provides visibility into real-time global activity. “Our goal was to keep everything as simple as possible, not complicated. Forcepoint, in comparison with other systems, clearly offered the best solution.” — Allgäuer RESULTS By deploying Forcepoint’s Cloud security solutions, OSI has drastically decreased the administrative burden on its IT team. The TRITON architecture ensures full unified management and coordination of inbound and outbound defenses across OSI gateways. “Our employees no longer receive emails that might contain malicious content and the solution requires little attention which makes a considerable difference to our IT administrators. We are very pleased with the Forcepoint solution.” — Allgäuer OSI was so convinced of these benefits that, to date, approximately 75% of its European locations now have a deployed security solution from Forcepoint. In addition, Allgäuer has confirmed that Forcepoint will be used as a pan-European standard for OSI moving forward. OSI Food Solutions has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2010.



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Malware infection via Internet, email, storage devices

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