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Ampex TuffServ

Ampex TuffServ

The TuffServ is series of servers designed to perform in extreme airborne, ground, and space environments and offers the fastest ruggedized Network File Servers on the market.

Features of product

Проблемы Problem Solving
  • Risk of data loss or damage
  • Low bandwidth data channels
Ценности Business Values
  • Ensure Security and Business Continuity
  • Enhance Competitive Ability

About Product

Ampex Data Systems is a legendary supplier of ruggedized airborne recording and network data acquisition systems used in flight test, ISR, and tactical mission applications. By using innovative hardware and software designed specifically to meet the performance needs of the marketplace, Ampex provides its customers with product solutions for their most demanding applications across the entire pricing spectrum - TuffServ 282, TuffServ 480GE, TuffServ 480v2, TuffServ 540, TuffServ 640, TuffServ 641, TuffServ® 481, TuffServ® TS 485.


Employing a common architecture found throughout the TuffServ offerings all products advance performance and scalability to an entirely new level. With blazing read/write speeds of up 1GB/sec, 12.8TB of removable solid-statememory, and dual 10Gbit optical Ethernet ports, TuffServ offers unparalleled performance for a wide variety of airborne and mobile applications.

They addresses key issues encountered when attempting to take products designed for data center use into aerospace environments: cooling, removable storage and the management of internal cables in high-vibration environments.7

Features of users

Продающие истории Use Cases

Airbus Defence and Space Chooses AMPEX to Support Canada’s Search and Rescue Aircraft Replacement

Продающия история

February, 2019 – Ampex Data Systems, a division of Delta Information Systems Inc., announced today that it has been awarded a contract by Airbus Defense and Space to supply TuffServ222 (TS222) Multi-channel Video Recorders, in support of the Government of Canada’s Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Aircraft Replacement (FWSAR) project.

The CC-295 variant of the Airbus C-295 will be the new FWSAR aircraft for the Royal Canadian Air Force, replacing the CC-115 Buffalo and the legacy CC-130H Hercules fleets. The turbo-prop C-295 is in use in 28 countries, mostly for military transport, but also for maritime/overland surveillance and anti-submarine warfare.

Ampex’s TS222 Video Recorder records, encodes, reproduces and streams SD & HD-SDI video with embedded metadata. The TS222 Video Recording System is designed to support simultaneous recording, reproduction, and streaming of both high-definition and standard-definition video. For this project, the TS222 will include capabilities such as multiple input and output video interfaces, additional video channels, and slow-motion replay at different speeds.

“Being selected for this important program confirms our commitment to delivering rugged, reliable, and high-performance video recorder solutions for critical air missions” said Jim Orahood, Vice President / General Manager of Ampex Data Systems. “The TS222 consistently delivers an outstanding video recording capability to our customers in support of their advanced mission requirements.” Mr. Orahood further stated, “In addition to our TS222, our TuffServ product line provides excellent performance and functionality in addition to flexible and cost-effective system architecture.”