Ivanti Optimizer для SAP

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No monitoring of corporate IT processes

High costs of routine operations

IT infrastructure does not meet business tasks

Shortage of inhouse IT engineers

Complex and non-transparent business processes

Decentralization of management


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Enhance Staff Productivity

Centralize management

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Ivanti Optimizer для SAP



Complex SAP licensing necessitates organizations to find a better way to optimize their SAP investments and manage their SAP licenses effectively. Ivanti Optimizer for SAP provides efficient control over SAP license management by combining user inspection, user behavior-analysis methods and best practices. Ivanti Optimizer for SAP provides full visibility to optimize and manage your entire SAP license environment which can lead to significant financial savings and reduce liabilities from indirect access or misclassified users. The solution provides organizations with the insight and intelligence needed to ensure they are correctly licensed based on actual usage and arm them with the proper analysis during contract negotiations.
Reclassify Licenses Based on Actual Usage
While many organizations choose to classify SAP licenses based on theoretical calculation methods, Ivanti Optimizer for SAP allocates SAP licenses based on actual usage and not based on the structure of the organization, titles of employees or authorizations that are assigned in the SAP systems. Organizations can rest assured they will never be under- or over-licensed.
Reclaim Unused Licenses
Ivanti Optimizer for SAP includes a built-in analysis to optimize your SAP licensing and reduce the amount of licenses. The solution pinpoints inactive users enabling organizations to reallocate these licenses to other users. It can also eliminate duplicate and redundant users by automatically matching users across different systems and applications to avoid duplicate license counts.
Indirect Access Usage
Ivanti Optimizer for SAP helps organizations to identify indirect access which allows them to either reduce the amount of access or simply restrict the use. The solution allows companies to model their current exposure and financial risks from indirect access, and receive immediate alerts regarding any new suspicious SAP data consumption so they can review the activity and stop unnecessary SAP access on the spot.
On-going License Management Control
Maintain on-going control of SAP licenses and allocations up to the minute by automatically assigning the proper license type based on the actual usage. Ivanti Optimizer for SAP provides the ultimate control over SAP licensing by combining user inspections, user behavior-analysis methods and best practices.This gives organizations the visibility and insights to know exactly how many SAP licenses they currently have, maintain contractual compliance, and defend audits at any time.
Achieve Optimized Models for SAP Engines
Ivanti Optimizer for SAP enables organizations to assess their SAP engines, providing a clear understanding of which engines are actually being used and provides insight to the best possible payment models. This provides an accurate reading and reflects real usage of engines.
Reduce Costs
By providing a clear view of the current licensing and available licenses, organizations no longer need to pay for duplicates or unused licenses. Ivanti Optimizer for SAP reduces the cost of SAP licensing and maintenance costs, as well as, the manual efforts to prepare and execute license audits. Organizations can save between 50%-90% for each re-classified license, 100% on dormant and multiple username accounts, 50% on license management resources, and OVER 15% on total maintenance fees.1
Robust Reporting
In a multi-system, multi-environment organization, the question of “What is our current SAP licensing position?” can be very tricky to answer. To generate a rough SAP licensing report would entail mapping all existing SAP systems, receiving a SAP licensing report from each one, and mapping multiple user accounts to employees. With Ivanti Optimizer for SAP, this can be done in a matter of minutes; you can receive usage data and licensing data from each SAP application automatically and map SAP accounts from different SAP systems to employee records, understand the current situation and identify immediate saving potentials using combined views and best practices.
Rapid Deployment
Ivanti Optimizer for SAP can be implemented within days depending on the customer’s environment. It is a stand alone solution outside of the SAP environment, and requires no changes to the SAP systems.

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