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IT System documentation writing

IT System documentation writing

Without the development of technical documentation, it is impossible to create any complex technical solution. High-quality documentation, that is, informative, complete and understandable, is the key to the success of products at all stages of its life cycle. Properly written documentation is the basis of the functionality and effectiveness of information systems. It is with its use that the processes of creating databases, developing software, selecting and configuring network and server software are carried out.

Many organizations at the initial stages of creating and implementing technical solutions do not pay enough attention to this factor, which often prevents the entry of a new product to the market.

Writing documentation requires the contractor to have specific knowledge and skills, certain experience and considerable labor costs.

The main task of the working documentation is to give a complete picture of how the system is structured, what it consists of and how it functions.

There is no single standard for the development of this type of documentation. In most cases, its structure is selected for a specific situation. But you can take any algorithm that has already proven its effectiveness as the basis.

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F.A.Q. about IT System documentation writing

What is software documentation?

Software documentation - printed user manuals, online (online) documentation and help text describing how to use the software product.

What is process documentation?

A process document outlines the steps necessary to complete a task or process. It is internal, ongoing documentation of the process while it is occurring—documentation cares more about the “how” of implementation than the “what” of process impact.

What should be in the working documentation?

First of all, technical descriptions of implemented solutions. These are IT infrastructure diagrams, configuration descriptions, etc.

What does well-written working documentation give?

  • systematizes data on IT infrastructure;
  • helps to understand the system architecture and functioning of connected services;
  • facilitates management decisions (for example, shows which service can be removed or replaced and how it will be displayed on the whole system);
  • makes it possible to comprehensively evaluate the selected IT structure and, also, timely notice the mistakes made or holes in the architecture.

What are the key benefits of writing technical documentation?

The development of documentation will allow you to:

  • increase user satisfaction
  • reduce the load on the system administrator;
  • reduce system support costs.