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File Synchronization and Sharing Software

File Synchronization and Sharing Software

Enterprise file synchronization and sharing (also known as EFSS and enterprise file sync and share) refer to software services that enable organizations to securely synchronize and share documents, photos, videos and files from multiple devices with employees, and external customers and partners. Organizations often adopt these technologies to prevent employees from using consumer-based file sharing apps to store, access and manage corporate data that is outside of the IT department’s control and visibility.

EFSS applications are often characterized by having most or all of the following features and capabilities:

  • Sync files stored incorporate storage to user desktops and devices
  • Send links to large files with support for multiple file extensions and protocols
  • Integration to existing business applications via APIs, plugins and mobile apps
  • Built-in file creation, editing and previewing
  • User access permissions to files and folders
  • Protection of files stored and transferred by encryption, antivirus scanning, and DLP (data loss prevention)
  • Publish links to files with the ability to set a login requirement to access data
  • Authentication options for Active Directory, SAML, Azure Active Directory, etc.
  • Schedule and automate file transfers from automated systems and repositories
  • Audit and report file activities and system actions

Depending on what an EFSS provider offers, services can be deployed using cloud computing, on-premises, or hybrid. According to Forrester Research, some EFSS providers can provide the ability to lock down data in certain geographies for companies that have requirements to store content/metadata in specific jurisdictions.

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F.A.Q about File Synchronization and Sharing Software

What is File Synchronization and Sharing Software?

File synchronization and sharing software enable companies to securely synchronize and share photos, documents, videos, and files from multiple sources with their customers, partners, and employees.

What are the benefits of File Synchronization and Sharing Software?

  • Better Protection. Cloud-based file-sharing services are limited in their ability to protect your sensitive business documents. As high profile service providers, they are under an increased threat of attack by hackers, as seen in recent headlines regarding security concerns and data breaches.
  • Efficiency and Control. Sending email attachments can be problematic due to file size restrictions or their vulnerability to interception during transmission.
  • Convenience. File Synchronization and Sharing Software eliminate the need for memory sticks to transport data and the risk associated with using them. Your files can be securely accessed anywhere, anytime with a secure Internet connection and browser.
  • Easy Sharing. Network drives can be found in nearly every office for sharing files within your department. However, it's not so convenient if you want to share files between remote office locations or when working offsite. EFSS enables you to connect and share simply and easily without boundaries.